About Us

Our People
Act Smart Media Limited is a comprehensive online marketing company.  We are a group  comprised of marketing specialists, international development specialists, web designers and graphic designers who specialize in online marketing strategy and implementation for small to medium sized businesses.

Our group of exceptional individuals, with a diverse skill set allows us to take a 360 degree view and approach to all the projects we tackle.  We are not your average ‘cookeie cutter’ style business – we believe that each and every client that comes to us has their own needs, wants and characteristics that make them unique – which means we can custom design an online marketing strategy and implementation approach to suit your business’s individual requirements.

No matter what the size or scope of your project, the industry you are in or previous online experience,  we will be able to help custom design an online marketing solution to meet your needs.  We combine SEO, email marketing, online & search engine marketing, web design/publishing and social media strategies to customize a solution for your business – wherever you are worldwide and whatever your budget!



Act smarter, instead of working harder…


Why Act Smart Media?

We enjoy working online, and we know you do too (why else would you be here!?!?)  But the market is changing faster than ever and there are more competitors than ever (and that number is growing rapidly!).

If you want your company to be seen online and get traffic to your website there are steps you need to take (it’s not as easy as it use to be!)  But we know you have a business to run so you don’t have time to research all the new SEO requirements or the latest internet marketing strategies – that’s where we come in!  Knowing all that ‘stuff’ is our business – so send us an email today and set up a consultation to find out how we can help your online business.


Return On Investment
Promoting and optimizing your website for the search engines is by far the best way to drive a steady stream (traffic) of potential new clients to your site.   Without traffic flowing to your site you have no customers, which means no sales, which means no income from your online business!  Investing in your online marketing efforts is no longer an ‘option’ if you plan for your business to survive online…it is a necessity!
Reach New Customers

One of the most amazing benefits of using the internet for marketing is the vast possibility for exposure to new potential clients, (that may otherwise never have heard about you!)

An internet marketing strategy knows no geographic bounds so you will have the advantage of expanding beyond your normal geographic barriers.

News, photos, videos and advertising messages spread around the internet like a virus – this provides a lucrative opportunity for businesses of all sizes, and different industries,  to gain exposure and new customers.

The size of your business begins to matter less as internet marketing doesn’t discriminate based on the size of your financial statements – on the internet your 1 person operation can receive just as much attention and inquiries as the 100-person business you normally compete with down the street…

Cost Effective

Internet marketing has provided a cost effective method for advertising and building client relationships.

Now businesses of any size have the opportunity to reach their target customers for a fraction of the cost of traditional advertising methods.

The internet provides so many different methods to put ‘your message’ in front of potential customers there is bound to be one that works for your industry and your budget.


The Team

Our People

Our team of skilled professionals are our most valuable asset.

Having a divers set of individuals and expertise allows for an interesting and very effective work atmosphere.  Between all of us no area of online marketing is left unturned giving us the capabilities to handle any project that comes our way!


Act Smart Media = The Right Choice for Your Online Marketing Solution

  • Customized Online Marketing Strategy &  Implementation Plans
  • Honest & Ethical Business Practicies
  • Very Competitive Industry Pricing
  • Proven & Effective Online Results
  • Comprehensive Range of Services


The future success for many business lies in developing their online marketing strategy….let us help you get there and equip you with the tools to succeed!